Adopt a Fotkin Contest is an action to create brother- or sisterhoods between two Fotkins of different race, origin, culture or religion.
Make contact with the Fotkin you want to become or are already friend with and send us his/her photo you made. If you didn't have a chance to meet your Fotki sibling make a photo of their photo or Fotki page on your monitor and decorate it as a still life with some symbol(s) of friendship. The final goal of this contest should be that you meet one day in person or better, visit each other.
Important! Contact your Fotkin of choice first to be sure to act in mutual consent. Tell us the story.
Please visit Fotki forums to read more and ask your questions.
Suggested by Napomo.

Portrait of Lika
Portrait of Lika
I had a wonderful opportunity to have a photo session with Lika - artisitc, feminine, beautiful, graceful, and sophisticated member of Fotki community. This is one of the characters that we developed during the session, and possibly the most illustrative of her own. The photo is also her favorite, so I went by her choice.

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