Weekly Digital Contest
Welcome to the Weekly Digital Art Competition. Submit any digital art work of your own, from digitally manipulated photographs to fractals and other computer-generated artistic creations.
Important! This contest is NOT for photography - please enter photos in the Weekly Photography Competition. Entries for this contest are made from computer manipulation of photographs (much more than enhancing a photo), digital creations using computer programs for 3D effects, to create drawings or fractals, make paintings etc. Different forms of digital work can be combined with or without addition of text. This type of art cannot be created from a camera alone. Describing your process and/or your end product can assist voters.
Images of sexual nature will not be accepted. Non-sexualized artistic nudity will be accepted.
Thanks to Silver Pebbles for being the inspiration behind the creation of this contest.

Mail Order Bride
Mail Order Bride
The Concept: With the lack of Fotki Photo Contests, I had plenty of time on my hands, so I went online and ordered me a wife to help fill the time. The Truth: A bad idea, I am already married! The Process: Wrap your very loving wife in kraft paper from head to toe and ask her to lay on a small work bench in the front yard for a few photo's. ( I did mention she was/is very loving! ) Carefully unwrap your wife and return her to the safety of the home and stay away for at least an hour. In that hour, go to the road and take a photo of your mailbox and do an inventory of all of your body parts. Later, digitally insert your wife into the mailbox. Add packaging labels. Remove the powerlines and poles from the roadside and place a mail truck in the photo heading down the highway. Warning! Do not attempt to recreate this photo by stuffing your actual wife into an actual mailbox or for that matter... anyone's wife into any mailbox!! .
Submitted by F-32Photography

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