First Global Wind Energy Photo Contest

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has organised the first ever Global Wind Energy Photo Contest.

The competition is open to all photographers around the world who want to look at wind energy from new perspectives. The challenge is to show the technology as it has never been seen before. New associations with colours and human beings, nature and modernity, landscapes and mechanics, or a mix of those are the trends to be explored with regards to wind energy and photography.

There will be two winners.

The first winning photo will be chosen by the voters of www.fotki.com. The second winning photo will be chosen by a panel of experts from EWEA, Samsung and National Geographic. The winners will be awarded a professional camera reflex numeric GX-20 and a NV9, kindly offered by Samsung.

Click here to see the winner chosen by Fotki users.

The Global Wind Energy Photo Contest is part of the Global Wind Day, a campaign for the promotion of wind energy worldwide, organised with a joint effort by over 25 wind energy associations around the planet, and coordinated by EWEA.

On 15 June 2009, hundreds of public events will take place all over the world. This will include wind farms guided tours, conferences, exhibitions in capital cities, workshops, information days, openings of new wind farms, regattas, marathons, theatrical shows and much more. The winners and other shortlisted photos chosen by the contest organiser (EWEA) will be exhibited during the Global Wind Day along with the events organised by the many wind energy stakeholders around the world.

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