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Welcome to the Picture PTA photo contest

The contest is open to all adults. You do not have to be a member of PTA to enter. You can submit photos related to your PTA events and activities for competition in this contest. The contest serves to showcase PTA events and activities from all across the nation, giving amateur photographers a chance to have pictures published in PTA’s Our Children magazine, on the website, or in PTA’s marketing collateral.

Winners earn an extra bonus--$50 gift cards from a major retailer. Up to three winners will be selected in the seven categories.

Categories are: Fundraising; Health and Safety; Membership; Parents, Teachers and Principals Working Together; Student Achievement; Diversity; and General Interest.

Photo contest eligibility

  • Photographers may submit more than one photo. Only one photograph per category may be submitted. However, photographers may only be awarded one prize, no matter how many photos they submit.
  • The photo must relate to the category in which it is submitted.
  • The photo must have a title.
  • The photo must not contain offensive images or language, such as nudity, curse words, obscene gestures, slanders of persons or groups of people, or other inappropriate content.
  • CONSENT FORMS for all persons pictured in the entry MUST be completed and sent in, or the entry will be disqualified.
    Download the form here.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions for the 2009 contest will be accepted from May 21 through June 30. Winners will be announced in July.
  • Photos must be in color.
  • Photos must be in JPEG (or JPG) format. No other formats are acceptable.
  • The camera's date and time stamp must be turned off--no dates or times should appear on the photo.
  • Photos should be a minimum of 500 pixels wide. There is no limit on maximum size.

Photo composition

  • Photos must be free of excessive blurriness that obscures the image.
  • Unless the photographer expresses a deliberate reason for using odd framing or cropping, images should be contained within the frame of the photograph (that is, no cut-off heads of main figures in the photograph or severely angled images).
  • Computers may not be used to modify or enhance photos.

Which category would you like to enter?

Student Achievement
Emphasizes student accomplishments and ways that student achievements are recognized. Photo subjects can include science fairs, school assemblies that include student recognition, walls of fame for student leaders, or students receiving thanks from community and charitable groups for volunteer work.
Voting will be available soon...

Depicts fundraising events organized by PTAs. Photos should include people participating in the event, from selling tickets to a raffle to walking in a walkathon, and could include the outcome of the event, such as children swinging on a new swing set purchased with money raised in the fundraiser.
Voting will be available soon...

Health and Safety
Highlights activities in and around school designed to keep children safe and healthy. Photos could include teachers and students putting up "Bully-Free Zone" signs, children eating healthy lunches, parents volunteering as crossing guards, and adults learning CPR.
Voting will be available soon...

Highlights activities designed to increase membership and meet member needs. Photos could show a membership drive table, an annual membership party, PTA parent "buddies" being introduced at a meeting, or father-focused events designed to attract male membership.
Voting will be available soon...

Parents, Teachers and Principals Working Together
Focuses on activities that unite parents and families with teachers and principals. Pictures could include principals welcoming parents to a PTA night at school, parents refurbishing the teachers' lounge, parents and teachers preparing and handing out school-supply "care packages" for needy families in the community, or principals and parents meeting with local officials to discuss school issues.
Voting will be available soon...

General Interest
Focuses on any activity or theme involving members of the school community. Possible themes include "The Back-to-School Shopping Trip," "The Field Trip," "Recess," "Spring Fever," or "Celebrating Holidays at Our School."
Voting will be available soon...

Diversity Photos
Depicts the diversity of those involved in PTA, the school, and the community at large. Photo subjects could include ethnic food fairs, groups of ethnically and racially mixed adults participating in events, or cultural celebrations.
Voting will be available soon...